Hurricane Evacuation/National, State, or Local Disaster

To contact a clinician during one of these situations, please do the following:
If an emergency requiring IMMEDIATE assistance:

  1. Dial 911, or
  2. Proceed to the nearest emergency room.

If NOT an emergency requiring immediate assistance, and

  1. Our office is closed, and
  2. The answering machine for the office is not working, and
  3. The after-hours answering service (504) 456-5390 is not available
  4. Then please e-mail your clinician at this special disaster/evacuation address:

Our staff will make every attempt to check and forward messages to the appropriate clinician. Please understand that we cannot guarantee the timeliness of responses due to extenuating circumstances (power failure, loss of phone service, etc.)

This e-mail address will not be checked at times other than during a disaster/evacuation as outlined above. During other times, please call our office at (504) 581-3933 or e-mail us at