Virtual evaluation services are being made available during this emergency period of limited access to in-person psychological assessment services. In a tele-assessment, the client and the psychologist are physically located in two different locations, and sessions are conducted over a secure, HIPAA-compliant video platform. Individual assessment plans are designed for each client and their specific needs. Example procedures may include the following.

  1. Client and parent (where applicable) interview completed via interactive video session.
  2. Stakeholder interviews (e.g., teacher, spouse) conducted via email or phone.
  3. Rating scales completed via online administration and/or postal mail.
  4. Traditional in-person direct assessments (e.g., cognitive and academic assessments) completed through remote administration with digital stimulus pages viewable via screen sharing.  In some instances, a parent or responsible adult will need to be present with the client in order to facilitate material presentation and test security.


The psychologist will use their clinical judgment to determine if assessment via telepractice is appropriate for a particular client, referral question, and situation. There are circumstances where assessment via telepractice is not feasible and/or is contraindicated, and there may be recommended measures that cannot be completed remotely. Please contact our office at 504-581-3933 for a consultation.